Tips on kayaks

Port Isaac Bay

In its early ages of development, Port Isaac was known as a fishing town. However, recently, the bay has been a top film and TV series casting region. The clear blue waters give the bay a picturesque appearance that everyone will want to see and experience.

The bay forms an amazing kayaking destination of 4 km from the coastline. Although the town is small, you cannot overlook what the waters have to offer. However, not so many people go down to kayak, and that makes it an ideal place for people who love exploiting with little to no interruptions.

Due to the narrow streets in Port Isaac, you should park your car on the hill, walk down, and head to the waters with your canoe. Boats, canoes, and kayaks are the only vessels that can reach the calm waters that make your outdoor experience exceptional. The port overlooks Port Gaverne, and do not shy off going to their cafes to taste the best fish catch.

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