Canoeing Advice

The Wye Valley

Are you interested in a long canoeing experience? River Wye, winding through the valley, offers a spectacular and extensive area to complete your kayaking needs. When you want longer kayaking trips in the UK, you should think about the Wye Valley, where there are more than 130 miles of water – all accessible by kayaks and canoes.

Whether you are a veteran or an inexperienced paddler, you will find the valley pleasant and fulfilling all your fantasies. Passing amid cliffs and fields, the river becomes one of the best scenic places for watching wildlife as you canoe down the valley. There are also many cafes and campsites along the river. You should not worry about how far you should stay from the river to enjoy the best experience ever.

Wye Valley is located at HR9 6DA. If you are traveling by road, you can use road A40 to Whitchurch. Take B4164 and pass the roundabout. About 150 yards ahead, you find a left turn to the Wye Valley Visitors center. You can park your car there and go out to the river to have your beautiful day enjoying the scenery while on your canoe.

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